What’s Involved in Lumbar Disc Surgery?

The procedure of lumbar disc surgery involves replacing a disc in the lower spinal area with a new, artificial one. It can be a very effective surgical replacement for those who have suffered problems in this region of the body, often being left in chronic or debilitating pain. Here, we’ll show you when the surgery is needed, who can benefit from it, and what the process involves. That way, you’ll know what the expect if you need to have the surgery.

When Is the Surgery Needed?

There are five bones and several discs which form to complete the lumbar spine. They are located within the area between the ribs and pelvis. Lumbar disc surgery is required if a disc becomes damaged itself or causes damage to the nerves close by. Once the procedure is made, the patient can expect better movement of the spine and a reduction in their pain symptoms. This can vastly improve their health, quality of life, and general well-being.

Who is Suitable for the Surgery

Not everyone will be suitable for having lumbar disc surgery. The procedure should only be carried out when a person meets certain criteria:

  • The pain is occurring to no more than one or two discs within the spine
  • The patient doesn’t suffer from joint disease
  • They are not obese or extremely overweight
  • They don’t suffer from scoliosis or other diseases of the spine
  • Spinal surgery has never been performed on them before

What’s Involved in the Surgery?

Patients first must undergo a physical examination when being considered for the surgery. This can involve X-rays being carried out, MRI scans, blood tests, and an assessment of their medical history. This enables the doctor to determine the level of damage that’s done to the spine and if the person’s suitable for the treatment.

Generally, the advice is not to eat or drink any fluids for a few hours before the surgery is scheduled. An IV drip is infused into a patient’s vein, usually on the arm or hand. While the anesthetic is delivered, they should drift off into sleep. An incision is performed on the lower abdomen. Organs and blood vessels will be moved to allow space for the surgery to take place. Once the damaged disc is removed, a new one is put in its place.

Lumbar Disc Surgery in Miami, FL

If you require of lumbar disc replacement surgery and are in the Miami, FL, area, Advanced Disc Replacement is a center operating within the region. The team of expert surgeons are well equipped and specialized in performing the surgery. You can request a consultation on the website for further information or to make a booking.