Reasons Employee Background Checks are Important

So you have a ton of work to do and are in an employee deficient. While your ultimate goal is to get people in the door as quickly as possible, not checking the history of those who seem to be good candidates is the single most damaging thing that you can do to your business. Here are a few key benefits of running employee background checks.

They Are An Added Saftey Precaution

Just because someone interviews well, doesn’t mean that they aren’t a raging psychopath. Even serial killers have calm moments, especially when there is something to be gained. As an employer, it is your obligation to keep your employees safe. Neglecting to gain intel about your new hire’s past puts everyone at your facility in harm’s way. If things go bad, you could also be in a great deal of legal trouble.

They Will Identify Thiefs

Once a thief, always a thief, as the saying goes. This may not always be the case, but you shouldn’t bet your business on it. As a business owner, you have a lot to lose, and that includes your money and equipment. When you don’t take stock of who you are extending an opportunity to, you may end up getting cleaned out by one of your trusted employees.

They Identify Liabilities

Employee background checks will help you decide whether someone could possibly be an asset to your business or a liability. For example, if your company is in charge of delivering a service or operating heavy machinery, a simple background check can indicate that the guy with three DUIs in the past year and a half would not be a good fit. The same goes for the candidate that has charges resulting from random acts of rage. These people may do more harm to your company than good.

They Signify High Standards

You can bet that once word gets around that your facility neglects to conduct employee background checks, the bad apples will flood the grounds. Not implementing such an integral part of the hiring process gives off the impression that your company is not one to be respected. In turn, you will attract candidates who set out to use and abuse your platform, and the good workers will vanish.

They Reveal More About A Person’s Character

Who would tell the truth if they knew that lies could get them further? The answer is not too many. Your business is way too valuable to take someone’s word as to whether they are a good fit or not. While you can often peg a person’s character by their appearance and verbiage, the truth is, some people are naturally good at pretending. Running a background check is just a way of doing your due diligence.

Not knowing who dwells in your business is scary. Mandating background checks as a part of the pre-employment process will help identify hidden threats and keep your business running smoothly.