Home Senior Care Services.

┬áSeniors need additional care and comfort in order to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety. A senior’s life is a sensitive phase that needs high awareness regarding their behaviour to avoid abuse. Lack of proper care and attention to seniors might affect their lives as they worry about physiological and psychological problems. They desire a peaceful life with loving care, support, health, dignity and economic independence. A senior care service provides professional and practical support, care with human touch. It also includes assisting the seniors in their common day to day activities. In times of need, they also need to get timely medical and emergency services.

1. Personal companionship.

With a professional care service, elders get a trusted partner who listens to them as a friend and extends a capable hand. They get a strong emotional support and peace of mind from a continuous human interaction under these services. These human interactions along with activities such as games, outings, and walking help them to attain a sound physical and cognitive health. Personal conversation and discussions with the elders help them to sharpen their memory. A professional care service also conducts games and recreations to keep them occupied and enjoy their leisure time.

2. Personal care.

A personal care involves helping them with activities such as bathing, taking to the bathroom and changing garments. Lack of personal care to seniors can make them worry about losing their dignity and independence. A personal care forms the much needed care for seniors to lead a comfortable life.

3. Food and nutrition.

A Professional senior care services can provide with a nutritious and well-balanced diet to elders. They get planned meals in time that made with their preferred taste along with required diet restrictions. A nutritious and balanced diet by care taker services provides them a foundation for healthy life.

4. Household activities.

The senior cannot take care of their home and need a reliable and trustworthy service to perform all the common, daily household activities. It includes cleaning, organising, making beds, assisting for pet care and throwing out trashes. You can find the care taker service handling these activities when you opt for a professional caretaking service.

5. Tailored respite care.

Elders need the respite care that gives them a break from routine caretaking. A professional service provides in-home respite care for elders on regular and scheduled basis. The respite care usually involves introducing a new caretaker who provides care, converstions, playing games and mental simulation to elders. This makes them recharge their physical emotional, and spiritual life.

6. Medical care services.

An in-home medical care service provides the needed medical care to seniors for an hour or two per day. It also includes weekly check up a nurse, personal care, changing linens, assisting them in medications, emotional support for both care and cure.

7. Live-in services.

For elders who need a high level of care and attention, a live-in care service are offered by a team. It consists of three highly trained caretakers who provide 24 hour shift based in-house service. They keeps awaken during night to assist the elders and sleep in your home during day. They provide complete care taking from meal preparation, personal cares, helping to the bathroom, medical reminders and contacting Medical Services in case of an emergency.