How Do I Find The Right Touch Up Paint For My Scathed Or Chipped Car?

No matter how much you take good care of your car, bumps and scratches will still collect and destroy the brand look of a car. Whether they are minor scratches or major bruises, no one wants to see their car in such a condition. While it’s impossible to avoid scratches, there are more options and techniques to remove scratches from your car. 

The most effective approach is using touch-up paint. This type of paint does wonders by removing scratches with a few spray paints on the affected part. However, it’s not that easy to apply to touch up paint especially on Honda civic colors. 

The color of the paint should perfectly match the exterior of the car body. Only a professional painter can do the job properly and ensure the painted area looks a match with the body of the car. Also, you need to consider the quality of the touch-up paint. Low quality means the paint won’t last for long and if it happens, the affected area will look terrible. 

That said, below are the common paint applicators to use:

1. Brush tip applicators

This is the most common type of applicator. They provide a quick and easy repair for road rash and chips. The only drawback with the brush tip applicator is that it gives unstable paint that is too runny. Also, the brush requires a steady hand when using on Honda civic colors.

2. Pen tip applicators

When they were first introduced into the market, almost every car owner felt their presence. However, they have more drawbacks than benefits. Their tips are easy to clog with difficulties in getting the paint to flow from a specific point.

Common areas of Concern 

There are three major areas to focus on when learning to paint. This way, it becomes easier to determine the best kit for Honda civic colors. They include:

  Road rash


  Paint transfer

Touch up paint not be a solution to all scratches. Scratches vary in terms of length and even width. Also, some of the scratches you think are transfer marks and not real scratches. To find out whether it’s a real scratch or not, perform a simple nail test. Use your fingernail tip to determine the extent of the scratch. On the other hand, a road rash happens when paint gets chipped off as a result of heavy impact debris on your car. With time, the chips keep increasing until they reduce the overall beauty of your car. 

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