4 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Good for Your Business

Why SMS Marketing is Good for Your Business

1) It’s Immediate

The push-up notification is a marketing blessing. It means the customer or potential client will see your message quickly. Not to mention that SMS texts get delivered very fast, just like emails.

Some people may deactivate push-up notifications for apps like Instagram, Twitter, or even Gmail. But who deactivates notifications for SMS messages? No one – It’s usually the channel through which you get medical or bank alerts.

2) Everyone Has a Smartphone

The second reason is that not everyone has a steady Internet connection. While most people do, the elderly or impoverished regions may not have access to Internet 24/7.

On the other hand, everyone has a smartphone, even if it’s not the latest and most modern one. That means that an automated text message will land in the inbox no matter what.

That way, you make sure your promotional messages are delivered and read. Surveys and studies show that 90% of people read a text within 30 minutes after receiving it.

3) There’s not a Spam Inbox

Email marketing can be a good strategy, but it also has downsides like the spam inbox. What if your message, which you’ve put a lot of effort into, goes straight into the unwanted folder?

After several people report your email or mark it as spam, the algorithm will mark you as undesirable too. And so wave goodbye to your investment.

This won’t happen in a smartphone SMS inbox. Customers may read your text, decide they don’t care, ignore it, and move on with their day. No reports, no spam inbox, nothing.

4) It Feels More Personal

Someone that sends you an SMS text has your phone number. Let’s assume they opted in voluntarily and gave you their contact information. Then an SMS feels more personal, without being pushy, almost as if an old friend is reaching out to you.

When you send a promotion or an announcement, customers will probably feel more comfortable with it. And that means more conversions, making it a win-win situation!

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into why SMS is a better marketing strategy than one may think. If you are interested or have further questions about automated text message strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us.