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S02 Episode 1 - Giveaways and Side Projects


We’re back! Just the two of us this week to kick off Season 2. We talk about all the free stuff we’ve got to give away (see below) and move on to what we’ve been up to over the last month or so since Season 1 ended.

Thanks to the guys at EventHandler, we’re giving away one ticket to GeekyConf. Tweet with the hashtag #upfrontgeeky to be in with winning one. You must be able to be in London on November 21st, and the prize is only the conference ticket. Travel, etc is all down to you.

EventHandler have also given us a ticket to Daniel Knell’s Introduction to JS workshops. These run for 5 weeks in London so you should only enter if you’re LDN based and can attend. On the show I implied there’s only one date but I was wrong, there’s 5 weeks of classes. If you’re London based and can attend, tweet #upfrontjs to be in the running.

Finally, Jeffrey Way has given us a year’s subscription to TutsPlus, a premium learning service with nearly 500 hours of video, 71 eBooks and loads of tutorials. To win this, tweet with #upfronttutsplus.

You may enter all 3 giveaways but we will make sure a different person wins each one. You have until noon on Friday, June 7th to tweet, and then we’ll announce the results.

Show Notes